How to Make Bulgogi Stew in an Earthenware Pot (뚝배기 불고기)

In this video, we are going to show you a famous Korean dish called ttukbaegi-bulgogi (뚝배기불고기). You might have experienced bulgogi cooked as BBQ on a grill at a Korean restaurant, but ttukbaegi-bulgogi is cooked and served in a stew in a sizzling hot traditional Korean earthenware pot. It takes a while for the earthenware to heat up, but once it’s heated, it keeps warm for a long time. Earthenware pots will retain the heat while you are enjoying your meal, all the way down to the bottom. It’s not mandatory to have a ttukbaegi for this dish, and you can use a metal pot if you want. Also, you can add any vegetable you like and/or that is available at hand!