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ISL Service Continuity Information

Currently, ISL staff are working remotely and are not physically present in Memorial Hall due to UGA's COVID-19 guidance. However, ISL staff will work to engage students online during the instruction suspension and when classes resume. ISL's service continuity information can be found by clicking "Learn More" below.

International Tax Assistance Program column

International Tax Assistance Program (ITAP)

Filing taxes in the U.S. can be confusing, but ISL provides the International Tax Assistance Program (ITAP) to assist international students in navigating the U.S. tax filing process. Learn more about ITAP by clicking "learn more" below.

Interstride logo

Introducing Interstride!

Interstride is an expansive platform for international and domestic students searching for job opportunities here in the United States and abroad. This resource offers educational material, including career reports and Visa sponsorship records, as well as relationship-building tools, such as targeted networking advice and communication skill development resources.