Try Climb/Nights Heights

Hosted by Recreational Sports

Wednesday, November 2nd (8:00p.m. – 10:00p.m.)

Ramsey Student Center: Climbing Wall and Gym (first floor)

Try Climb/Night Heights is an opportunity for all UGA students to try out the climbing wall and/or indoor high ropes course – both of which are located in Ramsey – for free! This is a fantastic opportunity for students who have never tried climbing or high ropes before to try them out. We would love to publicize this event to our international student community to increase interest and get more people involved with our Climbing Wall and Challenge Course programs. We also hope that in addition to being an opportunity to try out a new form of physical well-being, Try Climb/Night Heights will promote the socioemotional well-being of our international student community by introducing them to a great community of climbers and challenge course facilitators who are eager to share their knowledge and experiences with others!