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ISL Organization Application Process

Are you in an internationally focused student organization?  We’re thrilled to invite you to join our dynamic ISL community. Spaces are limited, so embrace the opportunity to be a vital part of UGA’s global community. Apply now and let your organization’s unique story unfold within the thriving ISL network!

Application Process (2024-2025 academic year): 

New Organization:

  1. Answer two prompts and upload a PDF of responses to Online Application:
    1. Why join ISL?
    2. How does joining benefit your organization and support ISL’s mission?
  2. Submit Online Application

Returning ISL Organization:

  1. Answer two prompts and upload a PDF of responses to Online Application:
    1. Describe your organization’s mission and how it’s lived out.
    2. Identify areas of improvement for 2024-2025 and the plan for enhancement.
  2. Complete Student Activity Fee Allocations hearing documentation and share it with your advisor.
  3. Submit Online Application.

Upon submission, ISL will arrange an interview with three representatives for further discussion. Apply if your organization meets ISL’s expectations.

ISL Organization Expectations

International student organizations will be expected to submit an updated constitution to ISL at the beginning of every year, and any time that changes are made. This constitution should be a framework by which the organization operates, and should include an intentional mission statement as well as the vision and goals for the organization.

There will be mandatory monthly Leadership Link-Ups for ISL international student organization leaders (Presidents/VP(s)/Treasurers) during the fall and spring semesters, as well as Leadership Summits (retreats) at the start of the Fall and Spring semester. The dates and times for these Link-Ups will be announced at each semester’s Leadership Summit. All attempts should be made to rearrange schedules, if possible, in order to attend the Link-Ups (typically, academic conflicts, such as a class, are the only permissible absences. Work schedules should be rearranged, if possible). As a courtesy, an email message will be sent before the meeting over the international student organization leaders’ listserv to remind each organization leader of the meeting date and time.

Each month, ISL international student organization leaders (Presidents/Treasurers) are required to meet with their designated ISL advisor. ISL advisors should be the organization’s primary advisor in order to maintain consistency among expectations. If an organization wishes to have a faculty advisor, they should seek approval from ISL staff. Each organization should have their budget spreadsheet and programming tracker up to date and submitted via the eLearningCommons, with copies of all reservations and flyers sent to the advisor. Budget spreadsheets should also be updated prior to the meeting. ISL requires each organization to maintain up-to-date, accurate records, so that both the organization and the ISL staff are aware of how much money remains in the particular organization’s account during the year.  

It is an expectation that all international student organizations advised by ISL will remain in contact with the ISL staff by participating in scheduled meetings and utilizing the international student organization leaders’ listserv (INTORG-L).  Organizations are also expected to respond to questions or requests for information from ISL staff within 48 hours.

Each ISL organization will be given access to a programming tracker, community service tracker, and budget spreadsheet from their advisor. All student organizations are expected to maintain and update their programming trackers and budget spreadsheets. All electronic invoices and receipts should be sent to their advisor via email. Proper and frequent upkeep with the Budget Spreadsheet, Programming Tracker, and Community Service documents will be required in order to maintain your organization’s status under ISL.

Policies concerning registered student organizations established by the Department of ISL, the Division of Student Affairs, and UGA must be followed by all ISL organizations.  Groups or individuals found in violation of these policies risk their association with ISL and the University, in addition to any appropriate sanctions as determined by the UGA Student Code of Conduct. 

ISL organization leaders are asked to actively participate in other ISL-sponsored and ISL organization-sponsored events, and share current programs with other organizations over the listserv, during scheduled meetings, and on the ISL calendar. Leaders should enhance the development and implementation of programs sponsored by the ISL Office and fellow international student organizations by actively sharing ideas, concerns and information within each organization, among the organization’s executive leaders, and with the ISL staff. Leaders are also encouraged to actively participate in events sponsored by outside-ISL organizations and UGA offices.

ISL organizations should promote respect and civility through their actions, programs, events, and communication within the ISL and larger UGA community. Organizations that do not contribute to a positive and constructive community may have their membership terminated and/or not renewed.

Application & Selection Process Timeline

  • February 19: Online Application Opens
  • March 17: Application Deadline
  • April 8-10: Interviews
  • April 15-16: ISL Staff Deliberations and notification of acceptances to organizations for the 2024-2025 academic year

Additional Resources

Have additional questions or want to talk to an ISL staff member about the organization application process? Send us an email to with your questions.