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The American-English Language Labs program (Language Labs) provides current international students at UGA a comfortable and reoccurring space to practice their American-English language skills and ask questions to clarify points of confusion related to the complicated nature and nuance of conversational English and U.S. cultural concepts. Additionally, this program provides the opportunity for international students to build a sense of community with other international students as we know that UGA’s international students are spread out across many different academic programs and physical locations on campus.

Program Details

  • This program is free and open to all international students enrolled at UGA.
  • Language Labs will begin in September 2022 and run on a monthly-basis through the end of classes in May 2023.
  • Up to three Language Lab rooms will be available each month and each room will have at least one instructor. Instructors are current international and/or American student volunteers who have been selected by the Department of International Student Life (ISL).
  • Each Language Lab room will have no more than 20 international student participants in order to keep the experience as individualized and comfortable as possible. If student interest in the program warrants, additional rooms and instructors will be provided by ISL to meet the demand.
  • Involvement is based on student interest and availability – meaning you can choose to come to as many or as few language labs as you wish!
  • While each monthly Language Lab will have a theme or topic that the instructor will briefly teach, the majority of the time will be unstructured to allow for students to interact with each other and the instructor(s) informally to seek out assistance with specific questions or challenges.

Language Labs Schedule - Spring 2023



February 13th

Claire and Fiona

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February 22nd


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March 27th

Siena and Nikita

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March 14th

Evan and Katherine

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March 20th

Claire and Nicole

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March 29th

Nikita and Evan

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April 4th

Katherine and Eniola 

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April 6th

Katherine and Claire

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April 10th


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April 12th

Evan and Siena

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April 17th 

Fiona and Nicole

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Language Lab Instructors

I’m Eniola Olubunmi and I’m from the Nigeria and the UK. I am about to start my second year at UGA and am majoring in Accounting with a Certificate in Legal Studies. I enjoy crocheting, reading and trying new things in my free time. I’m extremely excited to be part of this program and have the opportunity to meet and learn with everyone. 

I’m Jiya Bastawade, and I’m a second-year Political Science major/Bio minor here at UGA! I‘m originally from India, but I’ve been living in GA ever since I was around seven. Some of my hobbies are reading, painting, traveling, eating, and learning random new things. Some of my favorite things to do in Athens are meeting new people, trying out new restaurants, and going on nature walks. Although I came here when I was younger, I understand how difficult it can be to get situated in a different country with different customs. I’m so excited to meet everyone, and I look forward to getting to know ya’ll 

Hey y’all! My name is Claire Holman and I’m a fourth year from Canton, GA studying theatre, Spanish, and linguistics with a minor in TESOL. I’m so passionate about learning languages and sharing my culture and learning more about others! I studied abroad in Sevilla, Spain this summer and experienced all the culture shock and discomfort that can come from using a different language. I’m so excited to help you feel more confident with English, so UGA can feel a bit more like home! 

My name is Nikita Kondla and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student at UGA. I am studying Computer Science. I love singing, dancing, cooking, swimming, playing tennis and basketball and being a full-time student at UGA. I do understand that learning a new language, but also what the cultural norms are.  I love learning new languages and would love teaching them.  

My name is Fiona, and I am a third year studying risk management and Insurance. I was born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya, and grew up in a very international community, which helped me learn about different cultures and interact with people from different backgrounds. From experience, I know how hard it can be to adjust to a new culture and I would love to help you get more confident with your language skills and understanding of cultural norms. I enjoy watching movies, playing soccer, and babysitting. I am so excited to meet you and create new friendships! 

My name is Evan Gmahle, and I am a second-year undergraduate student from Alpharetta, Georgia studying Political Science and French with a minor in Chinese. I have been deeply interested in language and culture my entire life, both as an area of study and in practice. I understand how adapting to a new environment can be difficult, and yet incredibly rewarding. On my own time, I like to play chess and video games, study history and geography, and practice the languages I am learning. I hope to be a help to you during your time at UGA!  

My name is Katherine Green, and I am a second year studying International Affairs and Spanish. I find that talking to others is the best way to learn new skills and languages, and I am excited to exchange experiences through ISL. I love baking, knitting, and playing rugby. I cannot wait to meet all of you! Welcome to UGA and Go Dawgs! 


Hi! My name is Siena Miyamura, and I’m a third year studying entertainment and media studies, marketing, and minoring in Spanish! I’m a former Office Assistant here at ISL and wanted to continue getting involved with ISL. Because my dad grew up in Japan, I learned through him how hard it can be to learn and connect with a new language, and I’m happy to help some fellow students at UGA do the same. Some fun facts about me: I worked in the film industry in Los Angeles, and even worked at Walt Disney World for a few months. I’m looking forward to meeting you guys! 

My name is Nicole Cortes and I’m a first-year majoring in International Affairs with a certificate in Sustainability. I was born in New Jersey, but my parents immigrated from Colombia, so I was exposed to variety of cultures from a young age. In my free time I enjoy reading, writing, and hanging out with my friends. I am very excited to be a Language Lab’s instructor this semester and I can’t wait to meet you guys as well! 

Apply to be a Language Labs Instructor!

Fall 2023 applications will be announced in April 2023.