International Student Organization Resources

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International Student Organization Leadership Manual

UGA Vendor Profile System

Use this link to register your designated student organization members who will be eligible for reimbursements from your organization's budget (max 5). Please also share this link with any non-UGA business you wish to pay via check request.

ISL Organization Reimbursement Process Overview

Step-by-step instructions on how to get reimbursed for an organization related purchase.

ISL Organization Food Justification Form

Please print and complete this form if you are being reimbursed for food items on behalf of your organization. Please submit completed form along with original receipts to your ISL advisor.

ISL Logos

All international student organization flyers, t-shirts, etc. should be co-branded with the organization's logo and ISL's logo. Please download ISL logos here for your use.

Approved UGA Licensed Vendors