Prepare for your arrival to UGA!

Once you register for orientation, there are a number of things you can do to make your journey to the USA as smooth as possible. Please see below for resources that will assist you as you begin to prepare to join us at UGA!

International Student Orientation Handbook

The orientation handbook contains important information about preparing for your journey to Athens, the orientation program, and much more.

ISL Resources

Need information about getting a driver's license? Setting up utilities? Mobile phone service? Check out ISL's library of international student resources.


UGA has a number of dining halls, campus eateries, coffee shops, and food establishments across campus. Many students choose to purchase a meal plan through Dining Services, however, this is not required. Learn more about the mealplan, Bulldog Bucks, Paw Points, and the campus eateries here.

On-Campus Housing

On-campus housing is operated by the Department of University Housing. Learn more about the different residence halls and options available for students here. Keep in mind that all first-year undergraduate students are required to live on campus for their first year.

Off-Campus Housing Guide

Looking for housing in Athens? This guide will help you get started with information on what you will want to look for in off-campus housing. This is not all-inclusive, but is a good starting point in your search!

Immigration Services

Learn about the various services provided by Immigration Services with the Office of Global Engagement

Health and Wellness in the United States

Learn more about Health and Wellness in the United States with the University Health Center

Graduate School

For graduate students, learn more about the UGA Graduate School and graduate student orientation on August 12, 2019 at 9:00AM.

Academic Advising

Learn more about academic advising for undergraduate students. Your appointment will be pre-scheduled for you during fall 2019 orientation. Graduate students should contact their specific department about advising.

MyID and UGA Email

When your MyID is created, so is your UGA email address. The Student Code of Conduct requires you to check your UGA email regularly, and ISL recommends you check this address at least once daily. Learn more information about your MyID and UGA Email address.

Transportation and Parking Services

All vehicles on campus must have a parking permit issued by Transportation and Parking Services. Additionally, UGA Buses as well as Athens Transit buses are available for students to use. To learn more about parking or buses on campus, please click here.

Leadership Development Resources

International Student Organization Leadership Development Guide

This interactive tool helps to share strategies for organization development and best practices.

Presidential Summit Series

Coordinated by the Center for Student Activities and Involvement, these meetings showcase important leadership development skills each month. Click here for more information.

Adding ISL Involvement to Your Resumé

Share Your Experiences 

Whether you are a general body member or an organizational leader, your involvement in ISL student organizations can be showcased on a resumé! Add your involvement to your resumé or CV by putting in skills that you've gained during your time in an ISL organization. 

Some skills built in organizations include: 

  • Project Management
  • Leadership
  • Problem-Solving
  • Increased Intercultural Competency
  • Time Management
  • Communication Skills
  • Organization
  • Budget Management
  • Cross-Cultural Collaboration

ISL Student Org Member Resources

Welcome student org members! 

Visit this page for regularly updated information regarding policy, procedures, and membership development for ISL student organizations.

Current International Student Organizations

Click here for a list of the current international student organizations, as well as a link to their Involvement Network page.

ISL Organization Reimbursement Process

Step-by-step instructions on how to get reimbursed for an organization related purchase.

ISL Organization Roster Collection

ISL organization members should register their membership here each semester

ISL Student Org Executive Board Resources

Welcome student leaders!

Visit this page for regularly updated information regarding policy, procedures, and leadership development for ISL student organizations.

ISL Organization Reimbursement Process

Step-by-step instructions on how to get reimbursed for an organization related purchase.

Leadership Development Resources

Click here for resources that focus on personal and organizational development for ISL student organization leaders.

Language Labs

American-English Language Labs

Program Overview:

The American-English Language Labs program (Language Labs) provides current international students at UGA a comfortable and reoccurring space to practice their American-English language skills and ask questions to clarify points of confusion related to the complicated nature and nuance of conversational English. Additionally, this program provides the opportunity for international students to  build a sense of community with other international students as we know that UGA's international students are spread out across many different academic programs and physical locations on campus.


Program Objectives:

  • Equip UGA’s international student population with additional English language skills that will allow them to thrive in both the social and academic settings;
  • Create a comfortable and supportive environment for international students to come together frequently and practice their conversational-English language skills and build a sense of community with fellow international students.


Program Details:

  • This program is free and open to all international students enrolled at UGA.
  • Language Labs will begin in September 2019 and run on a monthly-basis through the end of classes in May 2021.
  • Up to three Language Lab rooms will be available each month (on the same date/time) and each room will have at least one instructor. Instructors are current international and/or American graduate student volunteers who have been selected by the Department of International Student Life (ISL). Additionally, ISL staff may serve as an instructor/co-instructor depending on the needs of the program and student participants.
  • Each Language Lab room will have no more than 20 international student participants in order to keep the experience as individualized and comfortable as possible. If student interest in the program warrants, additional rooms and instructors will be provided by ISL to meet the demand.
  • Involvement is based on student interest and availability - meaning you can choose to come to as many or as few language labs as you wish!
  • While each monthly Language Lab will have a theme or topic that the instructor will briefly teach, the majority of the time will be unstructured to allow for students to interact with eachother and the instructor(s) informally to seek out assistance with specific questions or challenges.


Dates, times, and locations for Fall 2019 Language Labs will be forthcoming. Please check back in early August for these details.

2019 Saeeda Peermahomed Award Recipient

Alaa Ahmed is named the 2019 recipient of the Saeeda Peermahomed Award

Alaa Ahmed, a fifth year Ph.D. student in microbiology, is this year’s Saeeda Peermahomed Award recipient. The award is given annually by International Student Life to recognize outstanding international students.

Alaa initially came to UGA in 2014 after working in research and development at Rhein-Minapharm Biogenetics in his home country of Egypt. His academic achievements include serving as a research assistant within Dr. Ellen Neidle’s microbiology lab where he studies the evolution of enzymes involved in bacterial degradation of lignin-derived aromatics and contributes to scholarly publications.

As an active member of the University and Athens communities, Alaa has volunteered with several initiatives at UGA and the Clark County School District, including serving as a judge and mentor for various STEM related school science projects. Currently, Alaa serves as a science writer for Athens Science Observer.

On campus, Alaa served as chairperson of the International Student Advisory Board during the 2017-2018 academic year and received International Student Life’s Outstanding Graduate Student award in 2018, recognizing his leadership in and commitment to the international student community. Most recently, he joined the staff of the Red & Black, UGA’s independent student newspaper, producing stories that highlight the international community and international programming.

Justin Jeffery, director of International Student Life, said that Alaa is well-deserving of this year’s award.

“His involvement on campus and within the Athens community shows a true passion for helping others and improving the experience for all international students at UGA” said Jeffery.

Alaa said that winning the award is a special moment for him.

“It not only acknowledges the academic achievements of international students like myself, but also our unique contributions to cross-cultural exchange at UGA,” said Alaa.

The award is made possible by the Peermahomed Family and is given in memory of Saeeda Peermahomed. Saeeda was a University of Georgia student from India who was studying to obtain a master’s degree in journalism when she was killed in a tragic automobile accident in North Georgia in 1979. Saeeda was an outstanding international student who was active in international student organizations and promoted cross-cultural exchange. This award is given in Saeeda's memory to honor the goals of inter-cultural exchange for which she stood.

Each year, all currently enrolled UGA international students are eligible to apply as long as they have a current GPA of 3.5 or better. Application details are made available in early February each year at

International Student Life is one of the 19 departments within the Division of Student Affairs, and focuses its work on supporting UGA’s 2,700+ international students while also creating unique and educational opportunities for all UGA students to build skills related to intercultural competencies and cross-cultural understanding.

ISL Award Recipients

Each spring semester, ISL hosts the annual Leadership & Volunteer Banquet where the following awards are presented. While some awards require an application, others are selected by ISL staff based on the criteria listed.  Information about applying for a specific award is below. Awards are presented to current ISL-advised organizations as well as students actively involved in ISL programs and services during the academic year. 

Student Organization Awards

Above & Beyond Community Building Program 

 This award is presented to the student organization that hosted an event that went above and beyond to build community both within their organization and the UGA community at large. 

2018-2019: Persian Student Union

2017-2018: Brazilian Student Association 

2016-2017: Filipino Student Association

2015-2016: Indian Student Association & Taiwanese Student Association

Above & Beyond Advocacy Program 

This award is presented to the student organization that hosted an event that brought awareness of a global or local issue to the UGA campus. 

2018-2019: Arab Cultural Association

2017-2018: Caribbean Student Association 

2016-2017: Students for Justice in Palestine 

2015-2016: African Student Union

Above & Beyond Cultural Exploration Program 

 This award is presented to the student organization that hosted an event to bring awareness of deep cultural concepts to the UGA campus. 

2018-2019: African Student Union

2017-2018: African Student Union 

2016-2017: Brazilian Student Association 

2015-2016: Pakistani Student Association

Outstanding Community Service & Philanthrophy Award 

 This award is presented to the student organization that promoted and maintained a high standard of community involvement that includes on-going community service initiatives and/or fundraising and philanthrophy activities. 

2018-2019: Carribean Student Association

2017-2018: Vietnamese Student Association 

2016-2017: Vietnamese Student Association 

2015-2016: Filipino Student Association 

Outstanding Advertising & Promotion Award 

 This award is presented to the student organization that has consistently developed creative and innovative marketing materials to promote their organization and its events. 

2018-2019: Vietnamese Student Association

2017-2018: Indian Student Association

2016-2017: Caribbean Student Association

Most Improved Organization Award 

This award is presented to the student organization that has shown significant improvement throughout the academic year.  

2018-2019: Arab Cultural Association

2017-2018: Persian Student Union 

2016-2017: Thai Student Association 

2015-2016: Brazilian Student Association 

International Coffee Hour Award of Excellence

This award is given to the organization who presented the most dynamic and engaging International Coffee Hour through their decorations, food, and cultural presentations and engagement.

2018-2019: Filipino Student Association

2017-2018: Filipino Student Association 

2016-2017: Turkish Student Organization 

2015-2016: Saudi Students Association 

Cultural Collaboration Award 

 This award is given to the student organization that has significantly been involved with and participated with a variety of different groups or individuals through co-sponsorship, collaboration, or the creation of intercultural programs. 

2018-2019: Persian Student Union

2017-2018: Thai Student Association & Chinese Language and Culture Association

2016-2017: Amnesty International 

2015-2016: Muslim Student Association 

Organization Innovation Award 

This award is presented to the organization that sought out new opportunities to develop their organization through innovative programs or new initiatives.  

2018-2019: Filipin Student Association

2017-2018: Brazilian Student Association 

2016-2017: Filipino Student Association 

2015-2016: AIESEC 

Jackie Minus International Student Organization of the Year Award 

 This award is presented to the student organization that has gone above and beyond to fulfill the mission of their organization and the mission of ISL through its activities, programs, and projects. Dedicated in 2018, this award is presented in memory of Jackie Minus, ISL's long-serving Administrative Assistant from 2000-2018, as a way to honor her committment over the years to the success of international students, student organizations, and the love she shared for the work of ISL's students each day. 

2018-2019: Vietnamese Student Association

2017-2018: Filipino Student Association 

2016-2017: Caribbean Student Association

2015-2016: AIESEC 

Individual Awards

Volunteers of the Year Award

2018-2019: Sherine Kullmann & Samara Pattiasina

 2017-2018: Ivy Lin, Alex Singley, Pranav Prabhu, & Chang Liu 

2016-2017: Cristian Aranda & Mimi Rahman 

2015-2016: Alec Lavender 

Tax Volunteer of the Year Award

2018-2019: Dana Carney 

2017-2018: Chris Gray 

2016-2017: Dana Carney 

2015-2016: Tien-Tien Cheng & Kevin Coyne 

Outstanding Graduate Student Award 

2018-2019: Beryl Huang & Daniel Ferreira da Silva

 2017-2018: Alaa Ahmed & Georgina George 

2016-2017: Fengkan Zhu, Lunara David Gonçalves, & Sary Alsanea

2015-2016: Viviane Alves Moore 

Outstanding Senior Award 

2018-2019: Nia Hammer 

2017-2018: Chidera Onyirimba & Helen Pham 

2016-2017: Arnelle Vilfort & Osama Elmor 

2015-2016: Preethi Raja & Frederick Ruitao Fu 

Rising Star Award 

2018-2019: Qiaoyu (Joy) Xiao 

2017-2018: Sally Shi 

2016-2017: Chidera Onyirimba 

2015-2016: Nana Yaa Boateng & William Emedosi

Outstanding Organization Leader Award 

2018-2019: Kieanna Doctrine & Summer Phung 

2017-2018: Hiba Rizvi, Virgille Sonon, & Paria Fahkrai

2016-2017: Simon Chang, Adowa Agyepong, Suman Barat, & Brian Xu 

2015-2016: Charyse Magdangal 

Distinguished World Leader Award

2018-2019: Kamryn Lyle

 2017-2018: Jennifer Watkins

2016-2017: Molly Malone 

2015-2016: Amy Zhan 

Campus & Community Support Award 

2018-2019: Chris Brewer, Bank of America

 2017-2018: Susan Cowart, Office of the Vice President for Student Affairs 

2016-2017: Latin American & Caribbean Studies Institute 

Snizhana Radzetska Award 

 The Snizhana Radzetska Award is the most prestigious of the ISL individual awards and is presented to the individual who best represents the goals and mission of ISL. This award is presented in memory of Snizhana Radzetska, an international Ph.D. student who embodied the mission and passion of ISL throughout her time as a student at the University of Georgia.

2018-2019: Virgille Sonon

2017-2018: Fengkan Zhu

2016-2017: Nana Yaa Boateng 

2015-2016: Sena Ahiayibor 

Apply for an ISL Award

Applications due Friday, March 15, 2019

Sprintax Code Checkpoint

Tea Talks

Tea Talks provide students and faculty at UGA to come together to discuss a culturally relevant, social justice topic in an intimate and comfortable setting. The goal of Tea Talks is to raise awareness and educate the public on a socio-cultural issue, and to facilitate a dialogue on the topic. Usually, Tea Talks consist of a 20-30 minute presentation, followed by a group discussion.

Spring 2019 Tea Talks:

Thursday, January 31st
Thursday, February 28th
Thursday, March 28th

All dates are from 3:30pm to 5pm at The Tate Intersection.

ISL Organization Reimbursement Process

Check back soon for more information on our ONLINE reimbursement process!

ISL Reimbursement Packet (w/food)

Receipt Guide for Reimbursements

Please view this resource to make sure your receipts are eligible for reimbursement.

UGA Supplier Profile System

Use this link to register your designated student organization members who will be eligible for reimbursements from your organization's budget (max 5). Please also share this link with any non-UGA business you wish to pay via check request.

ISL Organization Reimbursement Form

Please complete this form if you are being reimbursed for purchased items on behalf of your organization. Please submit completed form(s) along with original receipts to Linden Mathis in 210A.

Student Organization Food Justification Form

Please complete this form if you are being reimbursed for purchased food items on behalf of your organization. Please submit completed form(s) along with original receipts to Linden Mathis in 210A.

Student Organization Non Employee Form

All students must fill out this form if they are being reimbursed for purchased items on behalf of their organization, even if they are an employee of UGA. Please submit completed form(s) along with original receipts to Linden Mathis in 210A.

ISL Enews Signup

Subscribe to the ISL Newsletter!

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ISL Newsletter

World Leader Resources

World Leader Resources to use during International Student Orientation

Squad Time Attendance Reports
Please do not forget to complete squad time attendance reports during each squad meeting. SWLs will provide you an attendance roster prior to each squad time and then come to collect them during squad time. Each student should sign by their name. If any students are not on your roster, please have them print and sign their name on the attendance roster. 

Squad Time Presentations

Academic Adjustment and Honesty - Presentation
College Life Hacks - Presentation
Cross-Cultural Adjustment - Presentation
UGA Resources - Presentation

Squad Time Interactive Resources

Academic Adjustment and Honesty - Kahoot! 
College Life Hacks - Kahoot!
Cultural Adjustment Curve - Kahoot!
Cultural Adjustment Quiz - Kahoot!
How Much Do You Know...Kahoot!
UGA Resources - Kahoot!
Interactive Tour Jeopardy
Squad Time Recap Jeopardy 

Squad Time Videos

We are the University of Georgia - Video
UGA Campus Tour - Video
Football Hype - Video

All students will complete the academic honesty assessment during squad time on Wednesday, August 1. These assessments will be done on Scantron forms provided to you from ISL staff. 

Academic Honesty Evaluation Instructions 

Each student will need to utilize pencil to complete the assessment. No name is required on the Scantron form, but students will need to put their 81X number in the 'identification #' column. Please click here for an example. 

Information for Graduate Coordinators & Academic Advisors

ISL is committed to assisting academic departments and graduate coordinators with a student's transition to the University of Georgia and the United States. Below, you'll find information that may be particularly helpful when working directly with international students. 

Counseling & Psychiatric Services (CAPS)

Graduate Coordinator Meeting Materials 

Immigration Services

International Student Resources

Language Partner Program 

Tax Information 

University Health Center

University Health Insurance

This page is updated periodiscally with new resources and information for UGA staff working directly with international students. 

Process for Sponsored Student Registration and Payment for Orientation

ISL is pleased that many departments across campus choose to sponsor the registration fee for orientation for matriculating students in their department. If you choose to sponsor students in your department, the process is outlined below. 

  1. Please email Linden Mathis ( with the student’s full name, 81X number, and which funds you would like for the charge to be billed to (FY19 or FY20), if applicable depending on chart string type. Please indicate if your department will cover registration fees only or registration + orientation housing fees.
  2. Student will then register online at Please instruct the student to select that they will be a sponsored student in the registration process, meaning they will not have charges assessed to their student account. 
    • Please be sure to communicate with your student regarding what portion of the registration fee your department will cover. (i.e. registration only or registration + orientation housing).
  3. ISL will invoice your department accordingly for the sponsored student registration fee and direct-bill any additional fees (i.e. orientation housing) not covered by your department.   

If you have any questions about this process, please contact Linden Mathis at

Request A Resource

Request a new resource for UGA faculty or staff.

Request More Information

To request more information or to schedule a time to speak with an ISL staff member directly, please click here.

Meet the ISL Staff

To contact a specific ISL Staff Member, please click here.

ECHD 4000 - Global Perspectives in Culture

Available in ATHENA for Fall 2019!

ISL is pleased to announce a new course being offered through a partnership with the College of Education and Department of Counseling and Human Development Services. This course will be an in-depth exploration of global consciousness, culture, and personal identity. We will explore on a deeper level what culture is and how to become a culturally competent student at UGA and person in the world. 

Course Description
Culture is something that impacts each of our lives in different ways. This course provides an in-depth survey of what culture is, how cultures interact, and ways in which we can all become more globally conscious citizens at UGA and in the world. We will explore culture from a variety of perspectives and learn how cultures communicate together to create the world we live in today.

Course Information - Fall 2019
ECHD 4000 (3 credit hours) - Global Perspectives in Culture (Special Topics in Counseling & Human Development Services)
Tuesday / Thursday 9:30AM - 10:45AM
CRN #: 27449

This course is available for any undergraduate student and requires no pre-requisites or co-requisiutes. To request more information, please click the button below. 

Get More Information

Click here to get more information about ECHD 4000.

ISL Organization Application Process

International Student Life (ISL) invites any cultural or internationally focused registered student organizations to apply for membership into the ISL organization community. Spots are limited based on staff advising availability and budget resources. ISL will consider all applications for membership based on strength of application, mission of the organization, and overall fit with the larger community. Please read the expectations for ISL organizations below. If you feel that your organization would benefit from joining the ISL organization community and can commit to the ISL organization community expectations, we encourage you to apply today!

ISL Organization Expectations


(1) Organization Constitution, Mission Statement, and Vision

International student organizations will be expected to submit an updated constitution to ISL at the beginning of every year, and any time that changes are made. This constitution should be a framework by which the organization operates, and should include an intentional mission statement as well as the vision and goals for the organization.


 (2) International Student Organization Leadership Link-Ups & Leadership Summits

There will be mandatory monthly Leadership Link-Ups for ISL international student organization leaders (Presidents/Treasurers) during the fall and spring semesters, as well as Leadership Summits (retreats) at the start of the Fall and Spring semester. The dates and times for these Link-Ups will be announced at each semester’s Leadership Summit. All attempts should be made to rearrange schedules, if possible, in order to attend the Link-Ups (typically, academic conflicts, such as a class, are the only permissible absences. Work schedules should be rearranged, if possible). As a courtesy, an email message will be sent before the meeting over the international student organization leaders' listserv to remind each organization leader of the meeting date and time.


(3) Advisor/Advising

Each month, ISL international student organization leaders (Presidents/Treasurers) are required to meet with their designated ISL advisor. ISL advisors should be the organization’s primary advisor in order to maintain consistency among expectations. If an organization wishes to have a faculty advisor, they should seek approval from ISL staff. Each organization should have their budget spreadsheet and programming tracker up to date on their OneDrive Folder, with copies of all reservations and flyers uploaded to the OneDrive Folder. Budget spreadsheets should also be updated prior to the meeting. ISL requires each organization to maintain up-to-date, accurate records, so that both the organization and the ISL staff are aware of how much money remains in the particular organization’s account during the year.  


(4) Communication with the ISL Office

It is an expectation that all international student organizations advised by ISL will remain in contact with the ISL staff by participating in scheduled meetings and utilizing the international student organization leaders' listserv (INTORG-L).  Organizations are also expected to respond to questions or requests for information from ISL staff within 48 hours.  All ISL student organization leaders need to check their mailboxes in the ISL office at least once a week.


(5) Organization OneDrive Folders

Each ISL organization will be given access to a OneDrive Folder containing a programming tracker and a budget spreadsheet. All student organizations are expected to maintain and update their programming trackers and budget spreadsheets. All electronic invoices and receipts should be uploaded to the OneDrive Folder. At each monthly one-on-one meeting, ISL advisors will review the contents of your OneDrive Folder. Proper and frequent upkeep with the Budget Spreadsheet, Programming Tracker, and documents will be required in order to maintain your organization’s status under ISL.


(6) ISL, Student Affairs, and UGA Policies

Policies concerning registered student organizations established by the Department of ISL, the Division of Student Affairs, and UGA must be followed by all ISL organizations.  Groups or individuals found in violation of these policies risk their association with ISL and the University, in addition to any appropriate sanctions as determined by the UGA Student Code of Conduct.


(7) Active Participation

ISL organization leaders are asked to actively participate in other ISL-sponsored and ISL organization-sponsored events, and share current programs with other organizations over the listserv, during scheduled meetings, and on the ISL calendar. Leaders should enhance the development and implementation of programs sponsored by the ISL Office and fellow international student organizations by actively sharing ideas, concerns and information within each organization, among the organization’s executive leaders, and with the ISL staff. Leaders are also encouraged to actively participate in events sponsored by outside-ISL organizations and UGA offices.


(8) Positive Community

ISL organizations should promote respect and civility through their actions, programs, events, and communication within the ISL and larger UGA community. Organizations that do not contribute to a positive and constructive community may have their membership terminated and/or not renewed.

STEP 1: Complete the ISL Organization Community Application

Applications to join the ISL organization community open January 14th and close February 15th at 5pm.

STEP 2: Submit a Program & Event Report

Please download, complete, and email this form to by February 15th at 5pm.

Please be sure to complete both tabs on this worksheet - Fall 2018 Programs and Spring 2019 Programs (anticipated)

STEP 3: Organization Presentation

Schedule your organization's 15-minute presentation. At least two members are required to present, but each organization can have up to four presenters.

TRAVEL FUNDING (optional): Submit a Travel Funding Request Form

Please download, complete, and submit travel funding request forms to by February 15th if your organization wishes to request travel funds for the 2019-2020 academic year.

International Education Week

In 2001, the United States Department of State and Department of Education created International Education Week (IEW) to promote the benefits of international education and worldwide exchange. This week is celebrated annually across the United States and typically occurs during the month of November each year.

UGA's International Education Week 2019 is scheduled for November 18-22, 2019. In an effort to provide programs and services that prepare UGA students for a global society, ISL plans a week-long schedule of events that introduce important international education and intercultural learning opportunities on campus. Further, the IEW schedule includes opportunities to celebrate the diversity and contributions of our international campus community. 

Please check back in October 2019 for the IEW 2019 schedule of events!

International Student Organization Resources

Executive Board Resources

Are you a member of the executive board of an international student organization? Click here for resources and helpful links!

Current and Prospective Member Resources

Are you a member of an international student organization or are interested in becoming a member? Click here for information!

Student Health Insurance Resources

Student Health Insurance Resources

Health insurance can be confusing, trust us, we know! ISL has created a list of quick links to directy you to resources for the most commonly asked questions regarding UGA's student health insurance. Please use the links below to find answers to your questions, however, if you still have questions please contact ISL at

The Mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan is with the University System of Georgia Board of Regents student health program administered by United Healthcare Student Resources. It is an accident and sickness insurance policy that provides coverage worldwide. It includes diagnosis and treatment of illness, injury, or medical conditions, along with preventive care benefits. Benefits include physician, hospital, surgical, pharmacy, behavioral health services (i.e., mental health / substance abuse), as well as legally-mandated benefits.

Students must utilize the University Health Center for care or to obtain a referral when needed (please refer to the student health insurance plan brochure for referral requirements and exceptions).  Students eligible to waive the UGA Health Center fee should be aware that the plan does not cover services/charges normally covered by the UGA Health Center fee. Students who waive the UGA Health Center fee must still utilize the Health Center for care per the plan requirements (see the brochure regarding referral requirements and exceptions),  but the student will be responsible for paying the charges normally covered by the Health Center fee.

Mandatory plan information

  • Enroll for coverage
  • Insurance cards - Insurance ID cards are available electronically once a student completes the Enrollment form. Students can access their insurance ID card electronically 24 hours a day through their United Healthcare My Account.  Create or log into your United Healthcare My Account at United Healthcare will not mail insurance cards unless a student requests one to be mailed through his/her My Account.
  • Enrolling dependents
  • Life changes

Mandatory plan waiver - Students who are mandated to have coverage under the mandatory student health insurance plan may request to waive out of the mandatory plan if they have other acceptable health insurance coverage.

International Student Orientation Health Insurance Presentation

Visit ISL for assistance

ITAP | 8843 Only Instructions

No Income? File Form 8843

Were you present in the United States for any period during the year 2018 (January 1-December 31)?  Are you a non-resident for tax purposes? A yes answer to both questions means you must file a tax form 8843, even if you did not work. All nonresident aliens present in the U.S. under F-1, F-2, J-1, or J-2 nonimmigrant status must file Form 8843 "Statement for Exempt Individuals and Individuals with a Medical Condition" -- even if they received NO income during a tax year. Depending on various factors, you also may need to file both a federal and state tax return.

This year, all tax forms and returns must be mailed by April 15th, 2018 to the IRS and each individual state you earned income during the tax year.

Form 8843 must be filed if an individual is:
• present in the U.S. for any day during 2017
• a nonresident alien (an individual who has not passed the green card test or the substantial presence test.)
• present in the U.S. under F-1, F-2, J-1, or J-2 status

If an individual meets all three qualifications above, the Form 8843 must be filed for the tax year.


When you complete Form 8843, it must be sent via US mail, FedEx, UPS, or other delivery service to the address below. It cannot be sent electronically. You can find a document outlining mailing locations around Athens below. ISL highly recommends you send this form with tracking to be sure you are notified when it is delivered. 

Department of the Treasury
Internal Revenue Service Center
Austin, Texas, United States 

Download Form 8843 from the IRS

Mailing Locations

For locations around Athens that can send your Form 8843 with tracking, please see this document.

International Student Resources

International Student Life is pleased to offer a number of resources to assist you with your transition to Athens and the United States. Resources are listed alphabetically. If you have any suggestions for further resources, please click the link below. 


Academic Honesty Identity Theft & How to Prevent It​
Academic Writing & Speaking  Immigration Services​
Athena & Registering for Classes* Opportunities for Learning English (ESL)
Banking in Athens Roommate Tips
Buying a Used Car Social Security Card Application Information
Cross-Cultural Adjustment - Culture Shock, American Customs, Educational Differences Student Health Insurance
Financial Aid Tips for International Students   Studying & Being Academically Successful at UGA
Food - Local Stores & Dining Halls                                                             Tax Resources for students classified as a NON - RESIDENT for Tax Purposes 
Getting Around Athens                      Tax Resources for students classified as a RESIDENT for Tax Purposes 
Getting Connected - Phones and Mail  UGA Important Phone Numbers
Georgia Driver's License - How to Apply UGA Sports & Sports Culture
Health Care at UGA and in the USA Writing a Check in the United States


View all of the resources here:

International Student Resources




*Make sure to check with your Academic Advisor or Graduate Program Coordinator regarding your course schedule and registering for classes. 

ISL does not advise on any matters related to Immigration. For immigration or visa-related questions, please contact Immigration Services at or 706-542-2900.

Off-Campus Housing Guide

Looking for housing in Athens? This guide will help you get started with information on what you will want to look for in off-campus housing. This is not all-inclusive, but is a good starting point in your search!

Request a resource from ISL

Visit ISL for assistance

Immigration Services

Click here to get help with your immigration and visa questions

Student Health Insurance Resources

World Leaders

World Leaders

World Leaders provide the first official welcome to all new international University of Georgia students and help them prepare for a successful beginning on campus. This position provides a unique opportunity to have a positive impact on newly admitted international students while also developing leadership, communication, and teamwork skills. World Leaders work closely with ISL staff to ensure a successful orientation. The opportunity to work closely on a team with a select group of fellow student leaders is the most challenging and potentially rewarding aspect of the World Leaders experience.

This position is available to all UGA students to include undergraduate, graduate, or professional students. Students may only serve as a World Leader for two (2) years. A World Leader may only serve a third year if selected for the Senior World Leader role.  World Leaders provide leadership, guidance, and support to international students while serving as a role model. During International Student Orientation week, the role of a World Leader requires dedication, high energy, and exemplary support for students. The week is a long but rewarding experience for the World Leaders and the new international students.

Interested in becoming a World Leader for 2020?

Applications closed on November 16, 2018. Be on the lookout for the 2020 application in fall 2019!

World Leader Position Description

Meet the 2018 World Leaders

International Street Festival

International Street Festival

The International Street Festival (also known as ISF or Street Fest) was created in 1999 and is an annual event that promotes internationalization and cultural awareness within the Athens community. The Festival is student and family friendly and boasts an attendance of 3,000 – 5,000 visitors each year. Various UGA student groups and community organizations host exciting cultural displays and performances throughout the Festival, which occurs in downtown Athens each spring. For more information, please email us at

The date for the 2020 International Street Festival will be announced in summer. Stay tuned! 


A recap of the 2017 International Street Festival, courtesy of Kyle Rehl and The Red and Black 


2019 Schedule of Events and Performers

Click here to look back and see who performed at International Street Festival 2019!

International Street Festival 2017 Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of Marszalik Photography

Become a Sponsor for International Street Festival

Please type "International Street Festival" in special instructions/comments box when completing your donation.

Global Buddies

Global Buddies Program Logo

Join the Global Buddies Program!

An initiative between UGA's Student Government Association and the Department of International Student LIfe to promote cross-cultural relationships amongst UGA students. The Global Buddies Program pairs international students with a partner student from the U.S. to meet periodically and share cultural perspectives and build long-lasting friendships.

The Global Buddies Program promotes intercultural communication and understanding between international students and U.S. students through the sharing of culture and the development of friendships. Join the fun and make a friend from a different part of the world!

All UGA students are welcome! International students will improve their English, and U.S. students will learn about a new culture and form a new friendship.

We finalize Global Buddies who meet the priority registration deadline at the beginning of each semester. However, we will continue to match Global Buddies on a rolling basis (i.e., as soon as Global Buddies become available). Global Buddies are expected to meet for the remainder of semester. 

Fall 2019 registration will open in July. Please check back then for more details.

Cultural Nights

Ethnic Nights

Each year several international student organizations host evenings of culture that showcase a variety of global traditions, customs, performances, and culinary delights. These evenings are referred to as Cultural Nights and provide a wonderful way to travel around the world without leaving Athens. Some Cultural Nights are ticketed events so please refer to the information below regarding ticket pricing and availability. 


Date Event Hosting Organization Location Ticket Info
January 12 Night in Saigon Vietnamese Student Association Tate Grand Hall

no longer available

March 1 & 2 Africa Night African Student Union UGA Fine Arts Theater

no longer available

March 23 Filipino Culture Night    Filipino Student Association Tate Grand Hall

no longer available

March 29 & 30 Caribbean Night Caribbean Student Association Morton Theater

no longer available


March 30 Korean Night Korean Undergraduate Student Association   Tate Grand Hall

no longer available

April 13 India Night Indian Student Association Tate Grand Hall

Get Tickets

Cultural Night Tickets

UGA's 2019 Cultural Nights Poster

International Coffee Hour

International Coffee Hour

Coffee Hour at the University of Georgia is a weekly program that brings UGA students, faculty, staff, and community members together over coffee and international cuisine. Excluding scheduled University breaks, this event occurs every Friday during the fall and spring semesters from 11:30 am until 1:00 pm in the Memorial Hall Ballroom. Hosted each week by our International Student Organizations and campus departments, the UGA Coffee Hour is one of the longest running programs of its kind across the United States.

Upcoming Coffee Hours

Interested in Hosting a Coffee Hour?

If you are a registered student organization and are interested in hosting an International Coffee Hour event, please click here to learn more. Applications will open for 2020-2021 in January 2020.

International Coffee Hour Host Selection Process

Learn more about the application process to host an International Coffee Hour.

Volunteer with ISL

Student Information table at International Student Life Orientation

International Student Life has a variety of options for UGA students to create their own international experience right here in Athens. Whether it’s through any one of our international student organizations, by helping plan international events and festivals on campus, or just by stopping by the ISL office to meet other students, ISL is for everyone. Volunteer and leadership opportunities currently available include helping with:

• Coffee Hour
• Ethnic Nights
• International Education Week
• International Graduation Ceremony
• International Street Festival
• International Student Organizations
• International Student Orientation
• International Tax Assistance Program Volunteer
• Language Partner Program
• World Leaders (international orientation leaders)

Contact our office staff if you are a UGA student who would like to volunteer and/or get more involved.

International Graduation Ceremony

International Graduates

International Student Life (ISL) created the first International Graduation Ceremony in December 2002 to honor and celebrate the achievements of international students and ISL student leaders graduating from The University of Georgia. A ceremony is held in May of each year and is intended to serve as a complement to the UGA Commencement Exercises.

The International Graduation Ceremony highlights the special accomplishments and sacrifices made by international students and their families and also includes a complimentary reception immediately following for graduates and their guests.

The Ceremony is free for UGA students and their loved ones, but graduates must RSVP for this event in order to participate. Interested students may also wish to purchase an international sash for use during the Ceremony. These sashes can be purchased via the link on the left side of this website.

This year's International Graduation Ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 9th at 11am in the Richard B. Russell Building Auditorium

International Graduation Ceremony Registration

Purchase your International Graduate stole!

Graduating international students can purchase a unique graduation stole to wear at the International Graduation Ceremony and at any other UGA graduation ceremonies. Show your pride for being an international student and accomplishing the goal of graduating from the University of Georgia!

Visa Application Support Letter for Visiting Family

Immigration Services provides visa application support letters for students who wish to invite family members to the United States. This includes information about the desired length of stay and specific reasons for the visit. The letter should be mailed to family members, along with a copy of the form I-20. Family members may use the information in support of their B-2 Tourist Visa.

Directions to the International Graduation Ceremony

UGA Commencement Website

International Tax Assistance Program

Students Guiding Students Through Taxes

Tax Filing Information for International Students

Click here to view a helpful diagram that explains your tax filing responsiblities.

Filing taxes in the US can be confusing. While the U.S. government has complex tax laws, the purpose of this information is to help identify UGA International Students/Scholars if they must file tax forms, what to file, when to file by and what resources we offer to answer tax filing questions and complete and file federal and state tax returns. Please read the entire page as it will help you to complete the appropriate tax documents that are a part of maintaining your visa status within the US.

The U.S. federal and state governments tax income, taxable scholarships and other types of monetary gain. Tax is generally withheld before a payment is made and individuals are expected to file tax reports by a specified deadline after the end of the tax year as a mechanism to reconcile all tax withheld against what the federal and state government identifies should have been withheld. At the end of the year, if the tax payments that were made were not enough to cover the total income tax due, you must pay the federal and/or state revenue department. Conversely, if you paid too much over the course of the tax year (more than what you owe in tax), then the federal and/or state revenue department will send back your excess payment in the form of a tax refund.

NOTE: The IRS will never initiate contact with taxpayers by email, phone call, text message, or social media.

Important Tax Filing Changes for 2019
The ‘Tax Cuts and Jobs Act’ has wide ranging effects for all U.S. taxpayers – but particularly for international students. As most of these changes were activated in January 2018, it’s vital that all non-residents understand their US tax obligations and entitlements. The primary change for non-residents relates to what’s known as the ‘personal exemption‘. Prior to the bill’s introduction, every non-resident who was working in the US was entitled to a personal exemption of $4,050. In other words, if you were working in the US on a J-1 visa in 2017 you could earn up to $4,050 without paying tax. The personal exemption was also the main means that non-residents could use to get their Federal tax refund. However, as of 1 January 2018 (and up to 2025) the personal exemption was reduced from $4,050 to $0. The removal of the personal exemption means that overall taxable income has increased for all non-residents.

Registering with UGA's International Tax Assistance Program (ITAP)

The ITAP program for Spring 2019 will begin in late January. Be on the lookout for an email in the spring semester from ISL regarding your filing obligations!

Every F-1 student, J-1 student, and J-1 scholar is highly encouraged to register for ITAP. Registering allows International Student Life to help determine your next steps. To receive assistance from ITAP, you must be either an F-1 student, J-1 student, or J-1 scholar. If you fit into one of these visa categories, please follow the steps below to register to receive tax assistance for your 2018 tax paperwork.

If it is determined that you need to file Federal and State tax returns, you will be provided the opportunity to access a service called Sprintax* at a discount for $10; additionally, there will be a fee for state tax filing that must be fully covered by the student. Georgia state filings will cost $25.95; additional states will be an additional charge. The Federal filing code you will purchase from ITAP for $10 is greatly discounted from the regular price of $35.95. The State filing fees of $25.95 at Sprintax are very competitive  and it is highly recommended that you consider using Sprintax for both your Federal and State filing purposes as Sprintax guarantees the accuracy of all filings.

Sprintax will determine your tax residency. If you are a nonresident for tax purposes and earned taxable income, then use Sprintax to help you through the process of completing your Federal and State tax return documents. If the software identifies you are a resident taxpayer then please follow instructions available on for individual resident taxpayer filing.

Note: UGA will continue to use Glacier for employer payroll compliance and record keeping. Sprintax tax preparation software, however, is for individual non-resident taxpayers to complete tax returns.

* Sprintax software is provided by International Student Life, with additional support from the Office of International Education and the University System of Georgia.

Step 1: View ITAP Registration Instructions

Step 2: Register for ITAP via iStart

Step 3: Start the Sprintax Program

Please only proceed to Sprintax after you have purchased a code from the ITAP program. Proceeding before purchasing your code will result in your Federal tax filing fee being significantly higher.

Form 8843 Instructions

Please use this resource if, after registering with ITAP, it is determined that you DO NOT need to use Sprintax.

ITIN Request Instructions

Please use this resource if, after registering with ITAP, it is determined that you or your spouse needs an ITIN.

Current Tax Fraud/Scam Advisories.

NOTE: The IRS will never initiate contact with taxpayers by email, phone call, text message, or social media. You can visit if you believe you may have been targeting for scams or phising.

Contact ITAP

International Tax Assistance Program (ITAP)

The University of Georgia
210 Memorial Hall
Athens, Georgia 30602-3108  USA

Phone:  +USA 706-542-5867
Fax:      +USA 706-583-0006


Office Hours: 
8 a.m. - 5 p.m. EST
Monday-Friday (excluding holidays)


ITAP Frequently Asked Questions:

Do I have to file tax paperwork?
Yes! Every international student in the United States is required to file tax paperwork, even if they have not worked.

Can I use another software program to help me with my tax paperwork?
The discounted Sprintax software provided by ISL is the only tax software that UGA's non-resident international students should use. Other programs are not as advanced and may give you incorrect paperwork.

Why does ITAP cost money? Why is there a fee?
Due to the large volume of international tax assistance requests in years past, ISL, along with the other universities in Georgia, have determined that providing the Sprintax program was the most cost and time effective approach to providing quality and accurate assistance to international students and scholars. As such, the cost of providing Federal filing codes and running the ITAP program with workshop volunteers requires financial resources. The $10 fee assessed by ITAP helps ISL offset the costs associated  with this service. It is important to understand that tax assistance for anyone typically costs some sort of fee. ISL is committed to keeping this fee as low as possible while also accounting for expected costs with running this service.

The Sprintax software is telling me I am a resident for tax purposes. What do I do?
You will need to file resident forms. Unfortunately, ISL cannot assist students who need to file resident tax forms. Resident tax forms are available online or at local libraries. There also are free online tax software programs at the federal IRS website for resident tax issues. Please contact ISL for a list of local resources.

Can I get help using Sprintax after I purchase my code?
Yes! ISL has trained volunteer who will assist you with completing your tax paperwork using the Sprintax software. After registering for ITAP and purchasing a Sprintax code, you will receive information on how to sign up for Sprintax workshops. 

Why are my tax return results different from my friend's?
Each student's situation is unique. Tax return results can vary due to income differences, tax treaty details, and days present in the USA. ISL strongly advises you from comparing your results with others, as it will often lead to confusion and unnecessary concern.

International Student Advisory Board

International Student Advisory Board Flyer

ISAB Mission Statement

The mission of International Student Advisory Board (ISAB) is to improve the international student experience at the University of Georgia (UGA) by providing solution-oriented feedback and advice regarding university programs, processes, and services. Further, the ISAB serves as a bridge between the international student body and UGA administration.


Members: The ISAB is composed of approximately 20 members who are recruited at the end of the spring spemester to start serving in the following fall semester.  All international degree-seeking and exchange students are eligible to apply.

Chairperson: The Chairperson is selected at the end of each spring semester by the current board and begins their term the following fall semester. The Chairperson is responsible for the overall management of ISAB, including leading the bi-weekly ISAB meetings. 

Vice Chairperson: The Vice Chairperson is selected at the end of each spring semester by the current board and begins their term the following fall semester. The Vice Chairperson assists the Chairperson with the overall management of ISAB, including leading the bi-weekly ISAB meetings in the absence of the Chairperson. 

Secretary: The Secretary is selected at the end of each spring smeester by the current board and begins their term the following fall semester. The Secretary is responsible for taking meeting minutes and distributing them to all ISAB members. The Secretary also facilitates communication and other relevant ISAB updates to relevant stakeholders on campus.

Advisor: The Director of International Student Life (ISL) serves as the advisor to ensure that ISAB adhere's to its mission. Further, the Advisor individually advises the Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, and Secretary. The Advisor assists ISAB by facilitating connections with other departments and campus administrators, and provides administrative and financial support.

Time Commitment

ISAB members will be expected to serve consecutive 2 semesters in an academic year. However, members can choose to serve on the board for more than two semesters through reapplication at the end of each spring semester. The ISAB will meet at least 8 times per semester at mutually decided dates and time. The Department of International Student Life will be responsible for reserving a room for ISAB meetings. Additional meetings may be necessary between some or all of the members. All the meetings minutes are open to the public and available online. Other students or representatives from the university may be invited as guests to the meeting. Other ISL staff members may attend meetings as deemed appropriate.

Responsibilities and Benefits

Roles: ISAB agendas will be created to lead the discussion around key topics focused on ISL services and programs, and the overall international student experience on campus.

Responsibilities: ISAB members are expected to:
• Attend all meetings: Members who miss two meetings will be asked to step-down.
• Communicate between meetings through email or other forms based on the meeting minutes.
• Provide experience, information, perception and support about the international student experience.
• Encourage other international students to give feedback to ISL events through online forms, emails and Facebook group on ISAB website.
• Attend a minimum of two multicultural events every semester.
• Shape the short-term and long-term objectives of ISAB.

Benefits: ISAB members will:
• Improve their leadership and intercultural communication skills.
• Gain advising experience and advocacy.
• Obtain practical experience in student affairs and international education.
• Have opportunities to directly interact and build relationships with diverse groups on campus.


Application Process

Application Requirement: Undergraduate and graduate students who meet all the following requirements are eligible to apply:
• Holding and F1 or J1 visa
• Currently enrolled at UGA
• Minimum Cumulative GPA: 2.75

Application materials and information will be made available each March on this site. 

International Student Advisory Board Application

Current Board Members

Please provide feedback / concerns / suggestions / issues using this form.

International Student Resources

View ISL's library of online resources

International Student Orientation

International Student Orientation Logo
About Orientation

ISL organizes an international student orientation each semester for new and transfer international students matriculating to the University of Georgia. The information included in the ISL orientation is not covered by any other orientation program on campus. Highlights from ISL's orientation schedules include information concerning immigration issues, taxes for non-residents, cross-cultural adjustment, housing assistance, course registration procedures, Social Security Cards, UGA payroll, and campus tours. Current UGA students serve as orientation leaders (called World Leaders) to assist with international orientation sessions.

Fall 2019 orientation will be held on Sunday, August 4 to Friday, August 9, 2019. 

Registration Fees
Student Classification Early Registration Price by May 31 Regular Registration Price by June 30 Late Registration Price by July 26


$385 Early Registration Price + $10  Early Registration Price + $40
Graduate** $199 Early Registration Price + $26 Early Registration Price + $66
Exchange*  $435 Early Registration Price + $10 Early Registration Price + $40

*The undergraduate cost listed is lower than exchange students due to the undergraduate student requirement to pay a $200 commitment deposit to attend UGA. A portion of this deposit helps offset the orientation fee. Exchange students are not required to pay this $200 commitment deposit to the University. 

** Graduate students may add Orientation Housing as an option. Please see below for more information.

Important Information About Your Registration Fee 

Your registration fee covers everything listed below for all students:

  • Lunches and dinners from Sunday, August 4 through Thursday, August 8 
  • Orientation materials and supplies
  • Orientation t-shirt
  • Transportation during orientation 
  • Social events and activities during orientation to help you meet other incoming international students and the World Leaders

Your registration fee will be billed directly to your Student Account and paid through the Student Accounts portal online. 

Staying in Orientation Housing 

*All undergraduate students and exchange students are required to stay in Orientation Housing in beautiful Rutherford Hall located centrally on UGA's campus. By staying in housing on campus, not only can you enjoy one of the most beautiful locations on campus, but you will also have access to conveinences on campus. Please click here to take a tour of Rutherford Hall with a current UGA student. Advantages of staying in Orientation Housing also include:

  • A room and private bathroom shared with one other orientation participant of the same gender in Rutherford Hall
  • The safety and security of UGA's campus and residence halls
  • The ability to build new friendships with fellow orientation participants and current UGA students serving as your orientation leaders (World Leaders)
  • Breakfast in Bolton Dining Commons from Monday, August 5 to Thursday, August 8. Breakfast meals in the Dining Hall are only available to those students staying in Orientation Housing 
  • A linen package delivered to your room, including a pillow, sheets, blankets, towels, and wash cloth 
  • Ability to move in to your on-campus housing permanent assignment for Fall Semester on Friday, August 9 during early move-in (University Housing assesses a $20 early move-in charge to your student account for early move-in)
  • Transportation of you and your luggage to your on-campus permanent housing assignment 

Are you a graduate student interested in staying in orientation housing? 

This option is available for you! Please add $236 to the registration cost listed above to stay in Orientation Housing. You will have the option to register for Orientation Housing in the registration form below. Should you choose to stay in Orientation Housing, all of the above conveinences will be available during orientation. 

Early Arrival Housing 

For students with travel arrangements bringing them to Athens prior to Sunday, August 4, Orientation Housing is available starting at 3:00PM EST on Saturday, August 3. If you are interested in adding early housing (only available for the night of Saturday, August 3), the cost is $55. You will have the option to register for early arrival housing in the registration form below. 

At-a-Glance Orientation Schedules

To view the tentative orientation schedules, please click on your student classification below. 

Graduate Exchange/Rotary

Why should you register for International Student Orientation 2019?

  • Important topics related to UGA academics, safety, wellness, resources, and much more are discussed in detail during this program! Even if you have attended college in the USA before, it is still recommended to attend this program!
  • International Student Life and the World Leaders (orientation leaders) are specially trained to help assist international students, like you, transition successfully to the USA and to the University of Georgia!
  • You will learn important information about UGA and Athens, including where to shop, eat, and have fun! Our World Leaders are current international and domestic students that have lived in Athens and are here to share their experiences and tips for living a great life in Athens, GA.
  • Our World Leader squads you build a sense of community and establish a network of friends before classes even start!
  • International Student Orientation 2019 is more than informational sessions! Throughout the program, there will be fun activities and events that allow you to meet your fellow students.

Undergraduate Student Registration

Please use this registration form if you are an incoming degree-seeking UNDERGRADUATE student

Graduate Student Registration

Please use this registration form if you are an incoming degree-seeking GRADUATE student

Exchange Student Registration

Please use this registration form if you are an incoming EXCHANGE or ROTARY student (undergraduate or graduate).

Registered for Orientation?

After you register for orientation, ISL has prepared additional resources and information including the orientation handbook to assist in your journey and arrival to the United States.

Saeeda Peermahomed Award

Saeeda Peermahomed Award

What is the Saeeda Peermahomed Award?

The Saeeda Peermahomed Award is made possible by the Peermahomed Family and is given in memory of Saeeda Peermahomed. Saeeda was a University of Georgia student from India who was studying to obtain a Masters degree in journalism when she was killed in a tragic automobile accident in North Georgia in 1979. Saeeda was an outstanding international student who was active in international student organizations and promoted cross-cultural exchange. This award is given in Saeeda's memory to honor the goals of inter-cultural exchange for which she stood.

The annual award is given to an international student in recognition of outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service in the field of international education. Recipients should be undergraduate or graduate international students at the University of Georgia and should have a cumulative GPA of at least 3.5. The selection of the award recipient is made annually in the spring semester.

The selection committee seeks to identify international students that have been actively involved in international programs and/or activities on campus. All members of the committee vote to select the award recipient. Information concerning the selection committee for this award is available upon request by contacting the DIrector of International Student Life.

The international student recipient will receive an award plaque and an check for $1,000.


Qualifications for Nomination

International students who are currently enrolled at the University of Georgia with a minimum GPA of 3.5 and who are in good standing with the institution are eligible for this award. Additionally, the selection committee seeks to identify international students that have been actively involved in international programs and/or activities on campus while maintaining their academic status. The recipient will be selected based upon outstanding scholarship, leadership, and service in the field of international education.


All applicants must submit the following:

  • A current resume
  • A personal statement written by the applicant, which describes how they have fulfilled the three selection criteria for the award: scholarship, leadership, and service in the field of international education. The personal statement should contain the applicant’s UGA student ID (810) number. Personal statements must be no longer than 750 words.
  • Contact information (name, phone number, email address) for current UGA Faculty/Staff member or a UGA registered student organization that can talk about your scholarship, leadership, and service in the field of international education.

No additional application materials will be considered by the Selection Committee.


Applications closed March 29, 2019 - please check back in February 2020 for details on the 2020 Saeeda Peermahomed Award

Alaa Ahmed -
2019 Saeeda Peermahomed Award Recipient

Past Award Recipients

View the complete list of past recipients of the Saeeda Peermahomed Award.

Prospective Students

International Students sitting and eating

Admission to the University of Georgia

International Student Life provides the following admissions information on this web site as a resource only. Specific admissions questions should be directed to the appropriate admissions office or to the particular academic department in which you wish to study.

The websites linked below include information that is specifically focused on international applicants and provide information concerning the unique procedures required for international applicants desiring to study at UGA.

Graduate Admissions

Undergraduate Admissions

Immigration Services

Click here to get help with your immigration and visa questions

ISL Facilities and Equipment

Memorial Hall, Hall of Nations

Lounge (Room 210F)

As part of our mission to provide a welcoming space that supports opportunities for the interactions of students from the USA and other nations, ISL offers a lounge for UGA students on the second floor of Memorial Hall, in Room 210F. The Lounge is open during regular building hours and is also available for student usage on a first‐come, first served basis if there are no existing reservations for the room.

Conference Room (Room 210E)

The conference room is available for student organizations and groups who need a more formal meeting location. This space includes a computer with flat‐screen TV display and can seat up to 10 people at the conference table. 

International Student Organization Suite & Conference Room (Room 229)

ISL provides office and work space for our International Student Organizations. This space provides a lounge area for informal meetings, a conference room with computer and flat‐screen TV for meetings, and drop in computer stations with printing. Certain International Student Organizations are assigned office space each year based off an application process through ISL. 

  • ​To check availbility of the 229 conference room, please CLICK HERE! ISL strongly recommends that organizations reserve the 229 conference room ahead of time to guarantee its availability.

Hall of Nations

As a shared space, the Hall of Nations is a great location for student organization events, study groups, or just a place to hang out between classes. The Hall of Nations can be reserved using the reservation request link below. Also available in this space is a comprehensive sound system that includes bluetooth technology, wireless microphone capabilities, etc.


Equipment Rentals

ISL provides and maintains an inventory of equipment that is available to International Student Organizaitons. As an ISO, you have access to rent various pieces of equipment for free. Please use the link below to view inventory and request equipment for your organization's events and programs.

Reserve space at ISL

Reserve equipment from ISL

ISL's equipment request system instructions

Click here to view instructions on how to use the equipment request system for ISL equipment.

Welcome to International Student Life

International Street Festival

Welcome to International Student Life (ISL) at the University of Georgia (UGA)!

The department of International Student Life (ISL) enhances the student‐learning environment through programs and services that internationalize the campus experience. This work is accomplished through focused and intentional efforts in three core areas:

Transition & Support
Services and programs aimed at supporting international students to assist with their ongoing transition to the University of Georgia and life in the United States.

Programming & Outreach
Opportunities and events designed for the UGA and Athens communities to share, explore, and learn about cultures in an effort to build an inclusive and internationalized campus.

Leadership & Engagement
Volunteer and leadership opportunities that promote global citizenship through individual growth, and cross cultural learning and development.

International Student Life 2015 Open House Photo Gallery