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A volunteer program designed to build cross cultural relationships and support international students who wish to improve their confidence and fluency in English (speaking and listening). The Language Partner Program pairs international students with a partner student from the U.S. to meet periodically and converse in English.

The Language Partner Program promotes intercultural communication and understanding between international students and U.S. students through the sharing of language and culture. Join the fun and make a friend from a different part of the world!

All UGA students are welcome! International students will improve their English, and U.S. students will learn about a new culture and form a new friendship.

We finalize Language Partners who met the priority deadline at the beginning of each semester. However, we will continue to match Language Partners on a rolling basis (i.e., as soon as Language Partners become available). Language Partners are expected to meet for the remainder of semester. Apply today using the links below!

Language Partner Program Application

Spring 2019 applications will close on January 16th

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