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An initiative between UGA's Student Government Association and the Department of International Student Life to promote cross-cultural relationships amongst UGA students. The Global Buddies Program pairs international students with a partner student from the U.S. to meet periodically and share cultural perspectives and build long-lasting friendships.

The Global Buddies Program promotes intercultural communication and understanding between international students and U.S. students through the sharing of culture and the development of friendships. Join the fun and make a friend from a different part of the world!

All UGA students are welcome! International students and U.S. students will learn about new cultures and form a new friendship.

The interest application for Spring 2020 is NOW CLOSED. Information regarding the Fall 2020 program will be available in August.

If you are an international student that has brought family members with you to UGA, please consider joining the Global Families program. Find more information at

Global Buddies Program Handbook

Learn more about the program, its goals, and ways to interact with your buddy.

Spring 2020 GBP Events Calendar

Check out this calendar to find events on and off campus for you and your buddy!

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