ECHD 4000 - Global Perspectives in Culture

New for Fall 2017!

ISL is pleased to announce a new course being offered through a partnership with the College of Education and Department of Counseling and Human Development Services. This course will be an in-depth exploration of global consciousness, culture, and personal identity. We will explore on a deeper level what culture is and how to become a culturally competent student at UGA and person in the world. 

Course Description
Global consciousness and developing a sense of global citizenship is a priority of an undergraduate education. However, what does being globally conscious and a global citizen actually entail? How do we as humans understand culture as a result of our own identities, perspectives, and experiences? As the world becomes increasingly more globalized, the definition of culture often times becomes more narrow and constricted as more perspectives are joined into the conversation. At the same time, culture is an entity that transcends all boundaries, human-constructed or otherwise. This course provides an in-depth survey of what culture is and how this definition varies in different contexts. Additionally, we will explore the concepts of socially-constructed identities from a Western perspective to understand how these influence the ways in which we view the world. Coupling our understanding of culture and own personal identities, this course will provide practical ways in which students can become globally conscious global citizens by understanding what global citizenship means from an academic, institutional, and cultural perspective, taking into account how the concept of global citizenship is viewed between various cultural contexts around the world. The course will wrap up by bring together practical applications of global consciousness by students to the UGA campus. 

Course Information 
ECHD 4000 (3 credit hours) - Global Perspectives in Culture (Special Topics in Counseling & Human Development Services)
Tuesday / Thursday 2:00PM - 3:15 PM
CRN #: 34815

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